Some of the features of Cloud VPS:

Individual cloud VPS hosting Individual cloud VPS hosting

HTTP/2, NGINX, PHP8, Memcache, Redis HTTP/2, CloudPanel, NGINX, PHP8, Memcache, Redis

Redundant backups Redundant backups

Dedicated IP Dedicated IP

SSL certificates included SSL certificates included

Proactive support Proactive support

Available in USA or EU



1 vCPU
2 GB
2,000 GiB /month
Starting at
$22 USD/month


2 vCPU
4 GB
3,000 GiB /month
Starting at
$32 USD/month


160 GB SSD
4 vCPU
8 GB
4,000 GiB /month
Starting at
$53 USD/month


320 GB SSD
6 vCPU
16 GB
5,000 GiB /month
Starting at
$93 USD/month

Optional: Backups + Free SSL + Basic VPS Administration:

Individual cloud VPS hosting

Individual cloud VPS hosting
Secure instances, using the latest hardware and sophisticated perimeter security technologies, providing you with first-class protection against large-scale DDoS attacks.

HTTP/2, CloudPanel, NGINX, PHP 8, Memcache, Redis
Impeccable performance guaranteed by taking advantage of updates to protocols, software, libraries and key configurations for your website. CloudPanel, NGINX, MariaDB, PHP 7.x and 8.x, Memcache, Redis, etc.

Redundant backups

Redundant backups
All Cloud instances plans come without automatic disk backups by default. Optional, there are three backup slots for each instance. If all the slots are full and an additional one is created, the oldest backup will be deleted. With CloudPanel you can configure backups remotely also.

Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP
You will be in charge of the reputation of your VPS with all the advantages that a dedicated public IP gives you.

SSL certificates included

SSL certificates included
There is no need to spend more to renew SSL certificates. We include free and unlimited SSL certificates provided by LetsEncrypt to help protect data and keep your websites secure. Automatic renewals.

Proactive support

Proactive support
Our team will be happy to help you.

Cardei Cloud Servers acceso root

Root administrator access

Panel to restart, reinstall, etc ... You will have superuser access (root) to configure the server according to your needs and requirements.

Cardei Cloud Servers Ubuntu

Ubuntu Server

Launch your own VPS with Ubuntu Server. Ubuntu is one of the most widely used operating systems and is based on Debian GNU / Linux. Even if this is not a managed service, we only offer Ubuntu instances for now because it is very important to us to offer the best technical support to our customers. Our technical team is trained to help with the Ubuntu operating system.

Cardei Cloud Servers sin permanencia

No permanence

Monthly billing. Whether you are looking for a personal or commercial web hosting plan, if the service doesn't convince you, you can cancel it in seconds.

Control panel

Panel de control CloudPanel

Manage: Users, Firewall, Webs, Files, FTP Accounts, PHP, Databases, phpMyAdmin, SSL, Rewriting Rules, Chronic Tasks, Logs, etc.

Aloja varias web y multiples dominios
Multiple Websites

Ideal to host several web pages with different domains. Includes WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Magento, Mautic and Git installer.

hostdecent Cloud VPS

Master even the most demanding tasks with ease.

Accelerate your application with Our compute engine features 100% SSD and high-performance Intel. We take pride in providing a secure and solid platform to our customers with 24/7/365 world-class technical support and a 99.999% uptime SLA.

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