Data Portability

Last update September 2022

How can I download my content/data from my Digital Decent LLC Services?

If you need to access and download data from your VPS, Volume Storage or Shared Hosting, we have a number of different resources available to make this as easy as possible.

Downloading your content or other data from any of your hosting services functions the same as any other file transfer operation you might already be familiar with.

However, you must prepare and manage the services in such a way that access to your content is always ensured. Remember that you are the administrator responsible for your content and should periodically make external and redundant copies to protect your content. Sometimes a bad administration or because of security incidents I could lose the data or access to them.

Use ftp and ssh connections, rsync and scp to move/copy content and/or cPanel or CloudPanel type panels if these are available in your contracted package.

To move content from MySql databases use tools like Mysql Workbench or similar or tools like phpMyAdmin if it is available in your contracted hosting package.

If you do not have knowledge of server administration, hire our administration plans or a professional.

Make sure to properly configure security systems such as firewalls to protect your data and at the same time avoid being locked out of it.

In case of any incident, contact technical support if you are not sure how to act. We will gladly try to help you.

Warning: Digital Decent LLC is not responsible for the loss of content and/or the inability to copy/move any type of data and/or content stored in our infrastructure or in the infrastructure of our providers.


If you have any questions or concerns related to data portability, please email us at [email protected]. We speak English, Spanish and Romanian.

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